Wild, Wild Love

Wild, Wild Love
  1. Wild, Wild Love0:00Download

  2. I Dare You0:00Download

  3. Thank You0:00Download

  4. New City Morning0:00Download

  5. Happy New Year, Baby0:00Download

  6. Crooked Halos0:00Download

  7. My Little Red X0:00Download

  8. Don't Get Left Behind0:00Download

  9. My Fade Away0:00Download

  10. Tear It Down0:00Download

  11. No One Here0:00Download

  12. The Horse0:00Download

  13. Only One Answer0:00Download

  14. Ten Years In the Making0:00Download

"Wild, Wild Love" was conceived of, written and recorded from 12/25/2010 - 5/5/2011. I wrote all of the lyrics - first. One song, per day, over the period of 2 weeks. Then, i set about putting music to those lyrics, playing and recording all of the instruments, myself, at home. It's fast and bombastic and was a bit of a breaking-away for me. Nothing was perfect, everything was included.